Food Waste + Bottom Line

Food Waste + Bottom Line

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Lesson 1: Focus on the bottom line

  • Identify the breakdown of revenues for a restaurant
  • Understand what drives profitability

Lesson 2: Business Case for the Canadian hospitality industry 

  • Review the economic impacts for the industry
  • Be aware of the environmental benefits of food waste action

Lesson 3: Business Case for an average Canadian restaurant 

  • Explore the economic impacts for an average restaurant
  • Learn from other Canadian restaurants

Lesson 4: Attract talents and minimize risks

  • Lead to attract new staff and increase retention
  • Be ahead of the legislation

Lesson 5: How much can you save?

  • Use our savings calculator
  • Discover your potential

Course content

videoIntroduction video
videoPersonal Message from CEO - Ben Liegey
videoFocus on the bottom line
videoBusiness Case for the Canadian Hospitality Industry
videoBusiness Case for an average Canadian restaurant
videoAttract talent and minimize risks
videoHow much can YOU save?
videoQuiz module 1


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